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Today brands realize that if the business doesn’t change to become relevant and purposeful for the consumer again, it won’t be around in 10 years!!!!!!

Defining “brand purpose” has been a common theme for companies. Latest research has found that over 80% of a target audience want to support brands with a clear purpose.

“Purpose” is taking on many forms:

  • Brand's purpose could center around kindness and community.

  • IKEA's purpose is having a "net positive" impact on society via the goal of helping people to live better lives while doing it within the limits of protecting the planet and affordability.

  • For other brands the search for purpose even, if they haven't found it yet, is enough to revitalize a business.

Tommy Hilfiger … "We are still trying to find the perfect definition of our purpose, but the journey itself has become a catalyzing force

“Purpose” is a key consideration for consumers and companies. For those companies still searching how to retro-fit “purpose” into their businesses brand … the most important fact is that the journey should be as important as the destination. Look closely at your consumers’ values and consider where you can be of service with a defined purpose.

Mima Ransom

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