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That's great design.... but this color doesn't quite . . .

SO ... "We feel qualified to pronounce aesthetic judgements every day ... but, do we "Designers" really know design? Yes, it's a very controversial subject. A personal one that will not be resolved here... but it's worth exploring a little. We can state a couple of relatively universal truths. All of "us" firmly believe we "know" how to evaluate & create excellent design. Conversly, I'm fairly sure we will also agree that not all Designers create excellent design...& even the best Designers don't always create "good" design.

SO ... the questions remains ... Do we know design... or rather excellent design? And if we do, why isn't there more of it to be found around us? But to be fair, other factors are almost always present when those important design criteria are being prioritize ... not the least of which are building codes, relative "cost" & a client's understanding of the importance of design. After all, a client must have some defined need for design services or why retain a Designer at all? I have found that a design savvy client will absolutely inspire a designer to higher levels ... & I am fortunate in that regard.

These factors & others begin to lead us to a logical conclusion. If the design full-fills the clients functional needs & aesthetic understanding as well as budget criteria, then it's likely the Designer has provided a successful, good design solution. It may not be GREAT CLASSIC like the Eames lounge chair by which nearly all such chairs are measured ... many copies, only one original really worth having. Success will not occur with each endeavor ... but it is wonderful when it does & contributes to our world experience. Certainly ... it needs to remain our constant pursuit.


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