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Design is not Decoration

When considering an architectural or interior environment, let's agree on a couple of definitions. Design is not decoration... but neither is decoration necessarily design. ​​The distilled essence of both are at opposite ends of the spectrum... meeting in the middle to complete each other in a truly functional and aesthetically stimulating experience. Rather mediocre examples of this can be found all around us every day in items such as the cars on our roads & furnishings in our homes & offices. ​​These examples are the result of many rational & justified decisions that we all make. It is said that if you don't make a decision while you still can ... one ​​will be made for you. Not all choices will result in bringing about a satisfying design or decoration. And then, when least expected, a small object, environment or building appears & ... if you are "tuned in"... you smile while muttering softly your ultimate compliment, "wish I had done that". Those are moments that teach us. The contradiction is that the more we experience this awareness, the less often it will happen as we elevate criteria ... but each will be more valuable in advancing your ability to "see".

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